Difference between kuppet and knut for member teachers in kenya

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To confirm your status online( either kuppet or  knut member) and know difference between kuppet and knut for ;

  • Visit the TSC T-Pay portal by following the link; http://payslip.tsc.go.ke/login.php
  • Then, enter your TSC Number and Password (Please note that you can do this if only you are registered for TSC Payslips).
  • Click ‘Log in’ and select ‘View Payslips’.
  • For KUPPET members, the row ‘SwaS: KUPPET – Union’ should appear. The total amount contributed to the union is captured in the brackets.
  • For KNUT members, you will see ‘SwaS: KNUT SWA – (Your branch name)’.
  • Click on ‘My Transactions’ to see your running third party transactions

Teachers on agency are not full time KUPPET or KNUT members. Such teachers do not get representation by the union. They can not be defended by the unions in case they face problems with their employer, the TSC

Agency fee is charged to non-union TSC employees at a workplace that has union representation. The fee is intended to compensate the union for benefits which are collectively bargained for that the non-union employee will receive


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