currently available PhD studentships at KEMRI Kenya Scholarships

currently available PhD studentships  at  KEMRI  Kenya Scholarships

At the KEMRI-Welcome Trust Programme we are keen to build capacity for research in East Africa. We are aware that good PhD training is the foundation for a successful research career. As such, our PhD scheme is aimed at providing students with an opportunity to carry out their training in a high quality research environment. We have developed a quality-assured supervision system that includes a supervision teams of two or three senior researchers and student advisory committee that monitors the students' progress and advise on academic, career and if necessary social issues that may affect the students' progress. In addition, the students' progress is monitored through six monthly reports and an upgrading mini viva at the end of the first year to determine their suitability to continue with the PhD training. Our supervision system is internationally recognised and we are now an Affiliated Research Centre of the Open University of the UK with authority to wholly supervise students registered with that University.

The studentships are proposed by potential supervisors and are mainly funded through dedicated capacity building fund from the Wellcome Trust under the Initiative to Develop African Research Leaders (IDeAL) and at times through funding from collaborating initiatives such as SANTHE, WACCBIP and SSACAB. Admission to the PhD scheme is through winning a partial or full studentship in a competitive interview process.

Those who win the full studentships are appointed for a 3 months pre-registration position during which they are assessed for their suitability for registration for PhD. At the end of this period the students are formally assessed and are only allowed to submit their registration application if they pass the assessment otherwise the studentship is withdrawn. Registration is subject to meeting the full requirements for the target university. At the end of the first year of registration the students undergo an upgrading assessment. This assessment determines if they will continue with the PhD training, be downgraded to an MPhil or even have their studentship withdrawn.

Partial studentships are targeted at students who are already registered for PhD in local universities and provide support for the students to spend time at the KEMRI-Wellcome Trust carrying out their research project. Partial studentship will normally run for a shorter period than full studentships

Application process

To apply please create a new account then check your email. You will receive an email with instructions on how to login. After you login please click on PhD Application under "ADD NEW" tab on top of the page. Kindly fill in all the questions paying attention to word limits where indicated. After filling in each page you may click on PREVIEW to see the information you have just filled in then click on SAVE.

If DRAFT is checked, the information is saved but not submitted and you may edit or finish it later.

To submit please make sure DRAFT is unchecked and click SAVE. The information submitted before the deadline may still be edited but as of the deadline day it will be taken as your final submission irrespective of completion status.


Only shortlisted applicants will receive communication regarding their application

Currently available PhD studentships

Please note that the listed positions WILL BE CLOSED on the closing date. This means the applications must be submitted BEFORE the closing date.

Closing dateIDTitleLocationSupervisor
07 June 2017PhD03/Adetifa Dayo/PCVImpactNigEstimating the effectiveness of a 10-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV10) in Nigeria in the absence of clinical surveillance data: can serial carriage surveys and mathematical modelling help?KilifiDr Ifedayo Adetifa
07 June 2017PhD03/Adetifa Dayo/SeroVacKSerologic surveys for improving vaccination coverage estimates and monitoring population immunity in Kenya (The SEROVACK Study)KilifiDr Ifedayo Adetifa
07 June 2017PhD03/Amin Hassan/WGShivThe discriminatory ability of pre-treatment HIV-1 low frequency drug resistance variants, detected using whole genome sequencing, to predict antiretroviral treatment outcomesKilifiDr Amin Hassan
07 June 2017PhD03/Anthony Scott/PostPCVUnderstanding the transmission dynamics of Streptococcus pneumoniae in the setting of a mature pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV10) programmeKilifiProf Anthony Scott
07 June 2017PhD03/Charles Newton/MentalburdenBurden of Mental and Neurological Disorders in Kilifi, and the Implementation of mhGAP guidelines to improve mental healthKilifiProf Charles Newton
07 June 2017PhD03/Charles Sande/InfectsignIdentifying the molecular signatures of serious acute infections in infantsKilifiDr Charles Sande
07 June 2017PhD03/Claire Gordon/AcinetorbactepiEpidemiology and clinical outcomes of Acinetobacter baumannii infections in Kilifi, Kenya.KilifiDr Claire Gordon
07 June 2017PhD03/Claire Gordon/CcarbapenresistEffect of carbapenem resistance on fitness and pathogenicity in Enterobacteriacea from Kilifi County Hospital, KenyaKilifiDr Claire Gordon
07 June 2017PhD03/Dorcas Kamuya/BiobankThe Value, benefits and risks of biobanking in LMIC’sKilifiDr. Dorcas Kamuya
07 June 2017PhD03/Dorcas Kamuya/FWperfomanceInfluence of Capacity Building and Performance Management Systems on Fieldworkers’ Research and Ethics Practices in AfricaKilifiDr. Dorcas Kamuya
07 June 2017PhD03/Elise van der Elst/PrEPAssessing Pre-Exposure Prohylaxis (PrEP) implementation in Kilifi County, KenyaKilifiDr. Elise van der Elst
07 June 2017PhD03/Francis Ndungu/MalDendriticHow do malaria parasites paralyse Dendritic cells, and what are the downstream effects on the human immune response to malaria?KilifiDr Francis Ndungu
07 June 2017PhD03/Francis Ndungu/malThelperInvestigating follicular helper T cell (tfh) function in immunity to malariaKilifiDr Francis Ndungu
07 June 2017PhD03/George Warimwe/AlphavirusesEstimating exposure to alphaviral infections in coastal KenyaKilifiDr George Warimwe
07 June 2017PhD03/George Warimwe/ArbovipregnanArboviral Infections in Pregnancy and their associations with adverse maternal, perinatal and neonatal outcomes in coastal KenyaKilifiDr George Warimwe
07 June 2017PhD03/Mike English/lnfectKenhospRational, appropriate and correct treatment and the role of infection prevention and control in Kenya HospitalsNairobiProf. Mike English
07 June 2017PhD03/Mike English/MobgameA socio-technical approach to understanding the implementation of mobile games and virtual reality for medical education in low resource settingsNairobiProf. Mike English
07 June 2017PhD03/Sarah Atkinson/VitDafricchildDefining the genetic architecture of vitamin D status in African childrenKilifiDr. Sarah Atkinson
07 June 2017PhD03/Tom Williams/HhaemoUgandaThe co-distribution and health impacts of Haemoglobin S, -thalassaemia and G6PD deficiency in UgandaKilifiProf Tom Williams
07 June 2017PhD03/Tom Williams/RBCmutprotectionInvestigating the mechanisms of protection conferred by a range of specific candidate red blood cell genetic polymorphismsKilifiProf Tom Williams
07 June 2017SSCAB01/CN/NeuroimpairProjecting change in prevalence of neurological impairments between 2001 and 2016 in Kilifi, Kenya and their value in validating the new ILAE definitions of epilepsyKilifiProfessor Charles Newton & Dr Symon Kariuki
07 June 2017SSCAB01/PM/RSVEPIDEMUnderstanding The Epidemiology of Respiratory Synctial VirusKilifiProf. James Nokes & Dr. Patrick Munywoki


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