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KASNEB CPA Section 1 notes units

  •  CA11  Financial Accounting
  • CA12  Commercial Law
  • CA13  Entrepreneurship and Communication

 KASNEB CPA  Section 2 notes units

  •  CA21  Economics
  • CA22 Management Accounting
  • CA23  Public Finance and Taxation

KASNEB CPA  Section 3 notes units

  •  CA31 Company Law
  • CA32 Financial Management
  • CA33  Financial Reporting

 KASNEB CPA  Section 4 notes units

  •  CA41  Auditing and Assurance
  • CA42  Management Information Systems
  • CA43 Quantitative Analysis

 KASNEB CPA Section 5 notes units

  • CA51 Strategy, Governance and Ethics
  • CA52  Advanced Management Accounting (not available)
  • CA53 Advanced Financial Management

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 KASNEB CPA  Section 6 notes units 

  • CA61  Advanced Public Finance and Taxation
  • CA62  Advanced Auditing and Assurance
  • CA63  Advanced Financial Reporting


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