Courses offered at Kca University 2018

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Find a list of all certificate, diploma, postgraduate diploma, bridging, degree, masters, doctorate courses, distance education as well as open learning academic programmes offered at Kca University.
Get all course details such as course entry requirements, mode of study, course duration, fees structure among others

  1. Master of Science in Economics(Economics)  
  2. Certificate in Communication and Languages(Communication)  
  3. Certificate in Computer Maintenance and Network Technology()  
  4. Diploma in Communication(Communication)  
  5. Certificate in Project Management(Project Management)  
  6. Postgraduate Diploma in Education(Education)  
  7. Certificate in Public Sector Management(Public Sector Management)  
  8. Certified Public Secretaries(CPS)  
  9. Diploma in Project Management(Project Management)  
  10. Diploma in Public Administration(Public Administration)  
  11. Certificate in Banking(Banking)  
  12. Bachelor of Arts (Social Work)  
  13. Diploma in Hotel & Tourism Management(Hotel & Tourism Management)  
  14. CPA Part I(CPA)  
  15. Bachelor of Commerce in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)  
  16. Accounting Technical Certificate (ATC)  
  17. ABE Advanced DIploma in BIS(BIS)  
  18. Diploma in Finance(Finance)  
  19. IMIS Diploma II(IMIS)  
  20. Certified Securities and Investment Analyst(CSIA)  
  21. Bachelor of Commerce in Accounting(Accounting)  
  22. Bachelor of Commerce (Entrepreneurship)(Entrepreneurship)  
  23. Master of Science in Data Communications()  
  24. Master of Science in Commerce(Commerce)  
  25. Master of Business Administration Corporate Management (MBA Corporate)(MBA Corporate)  
  26. Master of Business Administration in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)  
  27. Master of Business Administration (Procurement and Supplies Management)()  
  28. Post Graduate Diploma in Corporate Governance((Corporate Governance))  
  29. Bachelor of Business and Information Technology(Business and Information Technology)  
  30. Diploma in Accounting/Financial Management(Accounting)  
  31. IMIS Diploma I(IMIS)  
  32. Diploma in Forensic Accounting(Forensic Accounting)  
  33. Bachelor of Commerce in Finance(Finance)  
  34. Certified Information Systems Auditor(CISA)  
  35. Bachelor of Arts(Community Development)  
  36. IMIS Foundation Diploma(IMIS)  
  37. Advanced Diploma in Computer Science(Computer Science)  
  38. Bachelor of Commerce in Banking and Finance(Banking and Finance)  
  39. Diploma in Electrical Power(Electrical Power)  
  40. Association of Chartered Certified Accountants(ACCA)  
  41. Higher Diploma in Human Resource Management(Human Resource Management)  
  42. Certified Credit Professionals(CCP)  
  43. Certificate in Open and Distance Learning(Open and Distance Learning)  
  44. Bachelor of Commerce(Commerce)  
  45. Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications(Telecomunications)  
  46. Diploma in Catering and Hotel Management(Catering and Hotel Management)  
  47. Certificate in Catering and Hotel Management(Catering and Hotel Management)  
  48. Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety(Occupational Health and Safety)  
  49. Certified Ethical Hacker(CEH)  
  50. Master of Business Administration(MBA)  
  51. Diploma in Financial/Accounting Management(Accounting)  
  52. Diploma in Business Management(Business Management)  
  53. Diploma in Information Technology(Information Technology)  
  54. Diploma in Banking(Banking)  
  55. Bridging Course in English(English)  
  56. Certificate in Early Childhood Education()  
  57. Certificate in Business management(Business Management)  
  58. Certificate in Entrepreneurship(Entrepreneurship)  
  59. Bridging Course in Mathematics(Mathematics)  
  60. Certificate in Business Information Technology(BIT)  
  61. Bachelor of Arts in Education(Education)  
  62. Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology(BICT)  
  63. Diploma in Public Sector Management(Public Sector Management)  
  64. Diploma in Counseling Psychology(Counseling Psychology)  
  65. Diploma in Early Childhood Education(Early Childhood Education)  
  66. Bachelor of Science( Information Systems & Technology)  
  67. Diploma in Business Information Technology(BIT)  
  68. Certificate in Front Office Management(Front Office Management)  
  69. Diploma in Front Office Management(Front Office Management)  
  70. Master of Knowledge Management (Knowledge Management)  
  71. Bridging course(Mathematics)  
  72. Certified Investments and Financial Analyst(CIFA)  
  73. Advanced Diploma in Business Information Systems(BIS)  
  74. International Computer Driving License(ICDL)

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