(circular ) CBC ( Competency Based Curriculum) training December 2019 - Friday 20th December 2019 to 22nd December 2019

It has been decided that we shall have county CBC (Competency Based Curriculum ) training for CSOs and CBC champions Friday 20th December 2019 to 22nd December 2019. Kindly confirm the venues as they were in August 2019. Invite all the CBC champions as they were in August 2019 and do not exceed the number required for each training centre. Organize the logistics of the training for the CSOs and CBC champions. Review also the zonal teacher training centres. We shall inform you the dates for the zonal teachers training by Monday 16th December 2019.


  • Every participant will be reimbursed travel expenses to and fro as per prevailing fares up to a maximum of Kshs.1000 (For CSO) and 800 (for the Champions)
  • Training institution to provide venue and meals (2 teas and lunch) at Kshs.400 per day for 3 days and stationery at Kshs.100 per participant.
  • Every participant shall be paid Kshs. 3,000 daily subsistence allowance to cater for accommodation for 4 days.


This shall be paid as per the prevailing rates per job groups.

1). All payments shall be processed through bank and not cash. There shall be no cash withdrawals to pay participants and venues.

2). The funds may be disbursed through bulk M-pesa services offered by the bank.

3). The County Account shall prepare payment schedules in the format prescribed by their respective banks.

4). All payment schedules must be approved by County Director before dispatch to the bank 5). The Accountant shall retain a copy of schedule acknowledged by the bank.


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1). Every teacher shall be reimbursed Kshs.300 per day to cater for travel expenses.

2). Every CSO and CBC champion shall be paid Kshs.1000 as facilitation allowance per day for 5 days.

3). Every participant shall be paid Kshs.1000 per day for 5 days to cater for their accommodation.

4). Common lunch shall be provided at Kshs.400 per day per participant and facilitators for 5 days.

5). Kshs.100 per participant has been provided for stationery.

6). Fuel of Kshs.5000 per vehicle for maximum of 2 vehicles per county and 3 vehicles for counties hosting the Regional Director.

7). Lunch allowance up to a maximum of Kshs.1500 per day shall be paid for 5 days to the Regional Directors, County directors, Deputy County Directors, 2 drivers and the County Accounts.



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