Churchs Near Me - Catholic Churchs In Nyeri County, Kenya

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List of Churchs near me  in Nyeri County, Kenya

-Gikondi Parish 
 Gikondi, Nyeri County, Kenya
-Gikumbo Parish 
 Gikumbo, Nyeri County, Kenya
-Kaheti Parish 
 Kaheti, Nyeri County, Kenya
-Karatina Parish 
 Karatina, Nyeri County, Kenya
-Kiganjo Parish 
 Kiganjo, Nyeri County, Kenya
-Kiganjo Parish 
 Kiganjo, Nyeri County, Kenya
 Kingongo, Nyeri County, Kenya
-Nativity of our Lady 
 Karima, Nyeri County, Kenya
-Othaya Parish 
 Othaya, Nyeri County, Kenya

St. Joseph the worker 
 Mumbi, Nyeri County, Kenya
 Ithenguri, Nyeri County, Kenya


list of catholic churches in nairobi

oldest catholic church in kenya

1.Anglican church of Kenya(ACK).

The Anglican church was founded as a diocese of Kenya ,Uganda and Tanzania in 1884.The church later divided to enable each country to worsip independently.

It was the official church of the colonial powers and even condemned the freedom fighters Mau Mau.The first African bishop was Festo Olang in 1970.The church has many dioceses across the country.

2.Our Lady of Good Hope catholic church.

The church is located in Bura Mwatate district is over a 100 years old as it was built in 1893.The church was built south of Taita hill and aimed at promoting christianity and uplifting the community.

3.Nairobi Cathedral.

The catholic church is located in Nairobi City square and is popurlarly known as The Cathedral Basilica of Holy Family.It was one of the first stone buildings in Nairobi.The first members of the church were railway construction workers.It was built around 1909 -1923.The first archbishop was Joseph McCarthy in 1953 and is currently headed by John Njue.

4.Mai Mahiu catholic church.

The beautiful building located along Mai Mahiu was erected in 1942 by Italian prisoners of war.It is believed to be the smallest church in Kenya and is known as traveller's church.The church is maintained by Italian embasssy and Kenyan government.

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Major Seminaries In Kenya
1. St. Mary’s Propaedeutic Seminary, Molo
2. St. Augustine’s Senior Seminary
3. St. Thomas Aquinas Senior Seminary
4. St. Mathias Mulumba Senior Seminary
5. Christ the King Major Seminary


Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies - MEDS

Mission for Essential Drugs and Supplies (MEDS) is a Christian not-for-profit organisation registered as a Trust of the ecumenical partnership of the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops (KCCB) and Christian Health Association of Kenya (CHAK).

Mission Statement
A Faith Based Organization leading in promoting healthy lives.

Vision Statement
To provide quality and affordable Health Products and Technologies, Quality Assurance and Health Advisory Services.

Core Values
In pursuit of the above vision and mission, MEDS and its stakeholders are guided by appropriate core values. These values ensure relevance to our stakeholders


Pacis Insurance

Pacis Insurance Head Office has moved to Pacis Centre, 4th Floor, Waiyaki Way. Westlands

Pacis is a Latin word that means PEACE
Pacis, therefore, strives to bring peace and comfort to society by ensuring that all our clients have peace of mind because they know that in the event of a loss, we will be there for them.

PACIS Corporate History
The Catholic Church mooted the idea of the formation of Pacis Insurance Company Limited (Pacis) in 1997. This was after realisation that the church needed to have a sustainable avenue of raising funds to support her projects. Pacis was incorporated in Kenya in October 2004 and licensed to do business in August 2005.

How PACIS operate
The Catholic Church in Kenya through the various Archdioceses, Dioceses, the Catholic Missionary Priests, and the Association of the Catholic Nuns together with affiliated institutions of the Church are the main sponsor of the Company. All profits made by the company go to the sponsor, the various arms of the church, that then reinvest the money back into the community through numerous projects.

Radio Waumini
St Lukes Nursing School
Waumini Insurance Brokers

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