list of CBOs in Kenya and their contacts - community based organizations in kenya

Detailed list of CBOs in Kenya and their contacts

1. Rhino Ark charitable trust

Rhino Ark was established in 1988 to tackle the crisis that faced Kenya’s black rhino population in the Aberdare ecosystem.

The formation of the Rhino Ark organization was to offer assistance to the Kenya Wildlife Service to build an electric fence around the Aberdare National Park to help reduce poaching.

The organization went on to build more electric fences along the Mt. Kenya and Eburu forest. Rhino Ark is registered as a charity in Kenya, UK, and the USA.

To get in touch with the organization for donations, to know more or join them, use the following contacts for their Kenyan offices.

Uhuru Gardens
P. O. Box 181 – 00517
Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: +254 20 213 6010 or 213 6011, +254 733 632 460

2. Amref Health Africa

Amref Health Africa, formerly the African Medical and Research Foundation – (AMREF) was founded in 1957 with the aim of providing mobile air-based health services.

Amref provided mission hospitals with surgical support through the help of a radio network that was developed to coordinate the service and provide communication.

In the early 1960s, Amref added land-based health services and mobile clinics. The training of local health care providers was also gradually added.

To get in contact with them for more information, volunteer, donate or get to work with them, use the following contacts;

P. O. Box 30125, 00100
Wilson Airport Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 20 699 4000
Fax: +254 20 600 6340

3. Carolina for Kibera

The Carolina for Kibera (CFK) organization was founded in 2001 as a soccer program to promote leadership development in youth and help reduce ethnic violence in the community.

Tabitha, one of the co-founders opened a community health clinic from earnings from her business. The aim of the clinic was to provide healthcare services to the needy without turning anyone away.

CFK engages in different programs that help improve the livelihoods of the youths in Kibera. They include;

Girl empowerment
Providing primary health care
Offering educational and work readiness services
To contact CFK for more information, to donate or get to work with them, use the following contacts.

P. O. BOX 10763 – 00100,
Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: +254 (0)20 2350 161

4. East African Wildlife Society

East African Wildlife Society (EAWLS), was founded in 1961 through a merger of the Kenya, Tanzania wildlife societies and wildlife enthusiasts from Uganda. Both the Kenya and Tanzania wildlife societies were formed in 1956 before the merger.


The organization prides itself as the voice of east African region wildlife conservation by influencing change through;

Policy influencing
Sharing information
Conservation programs
EAWLS engages itself in the following programs that aid in conservation.

Advocating in sectors that involve wildlife, forests, land, and water
Forestry. By actively engaging all the involved governments to ensure all laws and policies are implemented.
Wetlands conservation through policies such as the draft wetland policy adopted by the government of Kenya.
Wildlife conservation through partnerships to strengthen institutional arrangements, building community awareness and improving on benefit sharing.
Marine conservation by encouraging the coastal communities to take ownership of marine resources and managing them in a sustainable way.
To get in touch with the organization for donations, to know more or join them, use the following contacts for Kenya offices;

Riara Road, off Ngong road
Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: +254 2038 74145 / 2038 71437 or +254 722 202 473 / 734 600 632

5. African Wildlife Foundation

African wildlife leadership foundation (AWLF), was founded in 1961 and later renamed the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF) with a focus to conserve Africa’s unique wildlife, wild-lands, and natural resources.

Due to poaching, habitat loss and human-wildlife conflict, several African wildlife populations are fast disappearing. These among many other reasons have led to the decreasing population of the endangered wildlife across Africa which include;

Ethiopian wolf
The AWF focuses on working with governments and communities to protect and manage land and habitat both within and surrounding protected areas for wildlife.

The organization works hard to stop the killing, trafficking, and demand for wildlife and its products. It empowers law enforcers to bring wildlife criminals to justice and lobbies the African governments for stricter laws and law enforcement.

To get in contact with the Kenya office to donate or know more about them, here are the contacts;

P. O. BOX 310 – 00502,
Ngong Road, Karen,
Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: +254 711 063000
Fax +254 20 2765030
6. African Women’s Development and Communication Network
The African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET), was founded in 1988 with a vision to create an African society where gender equality can be achieved and women and girls can enjoy all their rights and live in dignity.

Through networking, FEMNET is able to facilitate and coordinate the sharing of experiences, information, strategies, and ideas for human rights promotion among African women’s organizations.

To get in touch with the organization for donations, to know more or join them, use the following contacts for Kenya offices;

Upper Hill-Kilimanjaro Road, off Mara Road
P. O. Box 54562, 00200 Nairobi, Kenya
Tel: +254 20 2712971/2
Cell: +254 725 766932
Fax: +254 20 2712974


Rural Agency for Community Development and Assistance (RACIDA), was founded in the year 2001. Through its work, it has prevented and mitigated the impact of hazards of communities at risk.

RACIDA engages itself in several programs that help improve the livelihoods of the communities that live in the arid and semi-arid areas. Some of the programs include;

Building resilience
Livelihood and food security program
Offering emergency humanitarian assistance
Water, sanitation and hygiene program
Providing education
Promoting peace and security
Management of the environment and natural resources
Health and nutrition program
To visit or get in touch with the organization for donations or to know more about them, use the following contacts;

Kindaruma Road,
Top plaza 3rd floor, unit 3-1,
P. O. Box 37928 – 00100,
Nairobi, Kenya.
Telephone: +254 41 2242009

8. African Conservation Center

African Conservation Center (ACC), which began as a wildlife society field research and training center was founded in the 1970s. This was done by a group of Kenyan nationals who were associated with wildlife conservation society.

The organization became a pioneer in ecosystem monitoring, community-based conservation, and biodiversity informatics hence gaining recognition, funding, and support. The following are the programs that they do.

Developing ways to understand, provide access to, and organize biological data about East Africa’s rich biodiversity.
Enhancing livelihood by partnering with communities living with wildlife.
Conserving biodiversity.
Learning exchanges with communities.
To get in contact with the Kenya office to donate or know more about them, here are the contacts;

P. O. Box 15289 – 00509
Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: +254 724 441 677 or +254 20 251 2439
Website: www

9. Awareness Against Human Trafficking

Awareness Against Human Trafficking (HAART) is an organization that was founded in 2010 on the problems of human trafficking in Kenya.

HAART works on five levels, which incorporate the UN four P’s strategy to fight trafficking in persons. The four Ps include;

Prevention of trafficking by creating awareness.
Protecting human trafficking victims.
Prosecution of persons involved in human trafficking.
Policy creation and cooperation with other organizations fighting human trafficking.
In Kenya, the big number of victims are children and the most common forms of trafficking are sexual exploitation and forced labor.

To get in touch with the organization for donations, to know more or join them as a volunteer, use the following contacts for Kenya offices;

P. O. Box 26893 00504
Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: +254 738 506 264
10. Rural Outreach Africa
Rural Outreach Africa (ROA), formerly rural outreach program, was founded in 1985 due to an alarming result of an action research project dubbed ‘The Mumias Project’.

The project was to determine the extent of food and nutrition situation in the sugarcane growing areas in Western Kenya.

ROA integrated soil fertility management to improve soil productivity, improve the smallholder income, encourage diverse farming and enhance food and nutrition security.

The organization also engages in several programs including;

Women engagement
Nutrition and food security
Interventions through schools
Innovating the rural smallholder farming
Water, sanitation, and health
To get in touch with the organization for donations, to know more or join them, use the following contacts;

Kabarnet Gardens, off Ngong Road
P. O. Box 29086 – 00625
Nairobi, Kenya
Telephone: +254 722 406 955

11. Asante Africa Foundation

Asante African Foundation is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2006 with the aim of educating the African youth to be able to face challenges and opportunities in life. They empower the next generation whose dreams and actions will transform the future of Africa and the world.

The organization focuses on four programs;

Accelerated learning in the classroom
Girls’ advancement
Leadership and entrepreneurship incubator
To get in contact for donations or know more about them, here are the contacts;

P. O. Box 696 – 20500
Narok, Kenya
Telephone: +254 722 707 398

Tabulated list of community based organizations  cbos in kenya

DirectorEmail AddressCommunity Based Organization (cbo)LocationContact PhoneCounty
Francis Namuju Community Empowerment and Development CentreLocated at Kemodo Trading Centre off Busia- Mumias Road, 5 kms from Korinda junction. Just immediately after Eucalptus Plantation724510595Busia
Habib Support InitiativesSuited in Busia Custorm, within Wellness Center, Adjacent to Itax Offices Busia Town.722116778Busia
Sarah OtwaniSarahamoit.otwani@gmail.comUfanisi CBOBulano Road near Blue York Hotel, exactly at Karibuni Market.724569884Busia
Walter Obunyoccodeacbo@gmail.comCommunity Development and Empowerment Actors (CODEA CBO)East Kanyada RodiKopany Trading Centre716327735Homabay
Tom OnzereTom.onzere@gmail.comCommunity Justice CentreKisumu-Kakamega Highway-Chango 500m past Majengo Town. Climbing lane725718690Vihiga
Stephen Agundastephenagunda@yahoo.comSiaya Child RightsAlong Siaya-Boro Road. 1 KM from Siaya Town next to Mulaha Secondary School.724905915Siaya
William OwinoWilliam.owino31@gmail.comSiaya Community Support and Accountability ProgrammeYMCA Siaya opposite Siaya County referral Hospital/ SiayaUgunja Road725200192Siaya
Ndalilah S. Carolyneinfo@tysafica.orgTransforming Young Stars of Africa (TYSA)TYSA AFRICA P.O.Box 2350-30200. Kitale- Kapasararaod, Sinyerereri plot 3711374543Trans Nzoia
Jane Aderaaderajane@gmail.comKisumu Network of Empowered WomenKibuye Market Opposite Kibuye Catholic Church next to Highway Primary School. Stall #56, Kisumu Town722627763Kisumu
Chemutai Langatchemutailangat@yahoo.comSesei Youth Environmental Conversation OrganizationAlong Bomet- Sotik Highway P.O.BOX 710 Sotik Chebole Market, Temuge Plaza.723608252Bomet
Madina Mohamedinfo@cfcdhr.orgCentre for Community Development and Human RightsKibera Area793658878Nairobi
Mohamed Osman Ibrahim - Mediation CouncilGarissa Township, Behind (North Eastern Province) NEP Girls Secondary; Adjacent to Garissa Cultural Centre.723883727Garissa
Muthoni Elizabethnyeriwomen@yahoo.comNyeri Young Women Empowerment InitiativeNyeri town, off Kanisa road, Gathii house, Ground floor, next to KRA (St. Joseph CBO, Action for Orphans project)722696188Nyeri
Mary Wanguikuimary14@gmail.comNyeri Sauti ya MamaNyeri Sauti Ya Mama , Nyeri-SKUTA Road, (Nyeri town)723178363Nyeri
Mugo KennnedyMugoken91@gmail.comNyeri Youth Board ForumBatian Building – 1st floor, Room No. 2, Nyeri Town739300227Nyeri
Aileen Gaceri Rural Community Disability Development AgencyChuka Township, behind KCB, Tharaka Nithi County712150590TharakaNithi
Mbeyu MbuiTumainiushindi002@gmail.comTumaini Ushindi CBOKinango Sub County, KasemeniWard Bonje Village, Mwache Forest729490945Kwale
Edward Njage Munyiccthekenya@gmail.comCommunity Centre for Hope and EmpowermentMutalia, along Kangundo Road. From Nairobi take left turn and go off road for 1.8km. # land mark; blue water tower to your right.720233276Machakos
Karen Gacherimwanguwezoyouths@gmail.comMwangua Water Projects and Human Rights CBOIsiolo Town- Wabera Street P.O.Box 470 Isiolo772317131Isiolo
Peter Swatak Community Capacity Building Organization (CCABO)Khabakaya road, opposite Jamii yako mosque.726947967Kakamega
Sarah Ogoreogoresara@gmail.comMumias/Matungu Disability NetworkKakamega Town P.O BOX 234 50102, Mumias727250616Kakamega
Peninah Ayotiayotipeninah@gmail.comKenya Alliance for Rural Empowerment (KARE)Opposite Lugala Polytechnic P.O BOX 3394-40100, Shinyahu724721617Kakamega
Ronald Gisorerongisore@yahoo.comZinduka Mashinani OrganizationNyamira Town, Skymart Plaza 1st Floor, Opposite Shivlings Supermarket.722762574Nyamira
Isaacknyamusigroup@yahoo.comNyamusi UmojaOpposite Nyamusi Sub-county Hospital P.O BOX 94-40109, Sondu726936776Nyamira
Monica Ndarovisionforlife65@yahoo.comVision For Life Initiative (CBO) KinangoEquator Building next to Kenvasha Hotel, Postal Lane off Moi Avenue, 3rd floor Room 31723170921Kwale
Kwendo Z. Labanactionafricaintel@gmail.comAction in Africa Int’lMache Plaza, second floor room 29, Morara Street729853490Nakuru
Evaline Jumaevalineachieng@gmail.comPersons with Disabilities Networking and Development (PWDND)Provincial Commissioners Office, Ground Floor725156212Nakuru
Josephat M Kasinakasina.josphat@yahoo.comKitui Paralegal ProjectOpposite Kithomboani Market, Kitui Town. P.O BOX 285-90200 Kitui724830076Kitui
Asenath Kaimurircdadevcom@yahoo.comRural Community Development AgencyMeru Township723123558Meru
Caroline Okerecaroline.okere@yahoo.comMigori Residence Association (MIRA)Opposite Kenya Commercial Bank723350772Migori
Belice Onyangi Twone Mbele W/GKee Shopping Centre711543880Makueni
Joseph Angwenyigupemagusii@gmail.comGusii Peace Management AssociationKisii-Kisumu-Miruka Highway, Opposite Eronge Market. P.O BOX 1722-40200 Kisii722980927Kisii
Abdu Ali Mwachuotoshacbo@gmail.comTosha Youth GroupNgala Phase 111 near Ministry of Youth Office700118918Kilifi
Hudson Wasamabukonoisama@yahoo.comBukonoi Sama CBOOpposite Cheptais Sub-county Hospital. P.O BOX 200-50201, Cheptais727896579Bungoma
Elijah Mosioriseitocbo2019@gmail.comSeito Community Based OrganizationGoseta Farm, Nairobi Village, Opposite Siwani SDA Church.727848997Trans-Nzoia
Jeremiah KinyuaJeremiah.kinyuah@gmail.comMount Kenya AIS CBOMama Ngina Street, ADC Building besides Embu Division Police Station722817247Embu



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