CBO Bylaws Kenya PDF constitution South Africa and Kenya fillable

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1.1 The name of the CBO is …………………………….(specify the name) hereinafter referred to as ‘the CBO’'.

2 Purpose of this Constitution

2.1 The purpose of this constitution is to form a legal association, the CBO, being:

2.1.1 A not-for-profit organisation;

2.1.2 Based within the …………………………(specify name of the community) community, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Community’;

2.1.3 Which is located in …………………………….(specify the area or geographical location) area, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Service Area’;

2.1.4 Which has the mandate of …… (state percentage which must be at least 51% of participating households) percentage of households within the Community to enter into a municipal service partnership for the purpose of providing water services (include other services if applicable), to the Community. A description of how the mandate was obtained is attached to this constitution as Annexure 1.

3 Objects of the CBO

3.1 The CBO is established for the purposes of acting in the overall interests of the Community with respect to:

3.1.1 improving the quality of life and poverty alleviation within the Community;

3.1.2 improving access to basic water supply and sanitation services by the Community;

3.1.3 (include other services if applicable)

4 Area of Operation

4.1 The CBO will only undertake activities in the Service Area.

4.2 The area within which the CBO will be entitled to collect contributions or donations will include the entire area of the Republic of South Africa. 5 Application of Legislation to this Constitution


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