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Maintains all basic customer information, such as name, family information, age, gender, business, impact etc.

Members Information Management

Permits the addition and modification of savings products


Strong search capabilities
Facilities to check customer behaviour – credit and deposit status and history from

internal sources

Permits different product types: fixed deposits, savings, shares, checking accounts

User-definable client information fields

Sacco management system Major Features 

System Admin

Create System users, Assign roles, audit trail and database backup. Used in monitoring security level

Master Data

System configuration and Master data settings. E.g. Interest rates, penalty frequencies etc.

Members Management

Client and Members Registration, bio data information mangement with reports

Loans Processing

From Loan application, Approval,disbursements, amortization schedule and Repayments with reports !

Shares and Dividends

Handles all transactions involving share purchase, transfer, value changes and dividends with associated reports

Savings and Deposits

Monitors members deposits and savings accounts, all transactions history for deposits/withdrawals linked with financials

Front Office (FOSA)

Manages Front office operations involving customers their accounts, standing orders and associated statements


From Bank deposits, Funds transfer and reconciliation tool,Batch Transactions integrated with accounti

Able to maintain group and/or village bank information

Facilities to check customer behaviour – credit and deposit status and history from external sources

Aggregation of customer data by region, area, activity, loan officer etc.
Able to track clients and non-clients at different stages of the process. Guarantor


  •  Identifies potential double entry of clients

  •  Other extra features, such as pictures or signatures 

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