Best registered SACCOS in Kenya that can boost your finance and get Loan

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List of best SACCOS in Kenya

  1. Maisha Bora SACCO
  2. Imarika SACCO
  3. Harambee SACCO
  4. Stima SACCO
  5. Waumini SACCO
  6. Unaitas SACCO
  7. Kenya Police SACCO
  8. Ekeza SACCO
  9. Hazina SACCO
  10. K Unity SACCO

1.Maisha Bora SACCO

Established in 1974,the SACCO is located along Factory Str in Kariba, Nairobi.The SACCO provides numerous services including quick loan of 1% interest rate per month,share capital,school fees savings accounts among others.

You can contact the Sacco on 020692338, 0722741320 or

2.Imarika SACCO

Established in September 1974,they have a head office in Kilifi,coastal Kenya and has a membership of over 50,000 Kenyans. The SACCO is aimed at empowering it’s members through provision of serviceable loans as well as guide on how to invest. You can contact the Sacco via 041-7522572/7525017 .

3.Harambee SACCO

It is one of the SACCOS in Kenya with the highest net worth,estimated at Ksh 19.8 billion. The SACCO provides a wide range of services to it’s members including merry go rounds. It has also opens its doors to the private sector with membership approval provided by the Board.

4.Stima SACCO

Also has it’s establishment back in 1974 and currently has 6 branches across the country ie Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Nakuru, Olkaria and Eldoret. The membership is open for registration by any Kenyan.

5.Waumini SACCO

It is a Savings and Credit Co-operative Society Limited registered in 1980 under the Co-operative Societies Act of the Laws of Kenya. Waumini Sacco primarily mobilizes Savings and Deposits and extends credit to its members thereby empowering them economically and socially. Waumini Sacco source its membership from Employees of Catholic organizations in Kenya. This Sacco Currently has over 20,000 members drawn from over 500 Catholic organizations in the 26 Catholic Dioceses in Kenya. It’s Management is composed of the ADM, Board of Directors, Supervisory Committee and the Sacco Secretariat’s Departmental managers.

6.Unaitas SACCO

The Sacco was formally known as Muramati SACCO. Unaitas was conceptualized in Murang’a town and has grown to be one of the most advanced SACCOs in Kenya empowering many small businesses. The Sacco was initially registered on 14 May 1993 as a co-operative society. The Sacco currently has a deposit-taking SACCO.

This Sacco is popular among small-scale investors and offers loans up to 3 times the amount of one’s savings. It’s repayment period can be extended up to 72 months at interest rates of between 1-1.5 per cent per month on reducing balance.

7.Kenya Police SACCO

It was officially registered in November,20 1972 and based in Ngara,Nairobi. Though it was initially for members of the police service only,now it is open for any interested Kenyan and the Sacco has grown to over 50K members. They offer loans that can be paid for up to 48 months with a low interest rate.

8.Ekeza SACCO

Another biggest Sacco in Kenya with net worth of 20 billion shillings. They offer loans at a reasonable interest rates and also encourage as well as advise their members on how to invest in land and real estate.

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9.Hazina SACCO

This Sacco is a nationwide Savings and Credit Co-operative Society established in the 1971 and registered under Co-operatives Societies Act of the laws of Kenya. Their main objective is affording its members an opportunity to accumulate their savings, thereby creating a source of loanable funds. Hazina Members are drawn from various Government Ministries, Parastatals, Non- Governmental Organizations and Private Sector. Presently, the Sacco has over 20,000 members.

10.K Unity SACCO

Also established in 1974 and with presence in two counties, Nairobi and Kiambu. Prior to joining the sacco members have to be vetted and approved. They offer loans with up to 36 months repayment period with interest rates as low as 1%.

Before joining a SACCO in Kenya ensure that the SACCO is registered with SACCO Societies Regulatory Authority.Also take a look at the Sacco’s policy and membership.All these aspects will help you determine how the Sacco will help you grow.

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