best place to sell used books in Kenya

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Where is the best place to sell used books in Kenya? -

Kenya has a big population very active in social media, especailly on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Consider creating social pages for your business, to reach and connect to buyers. List down your books in those pages , and interested buyers will contact you, negotiate and deliver to them. Alternatively you can go sell on the streets or rent a store. 


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2 Nov 2014 — bx-zone is a leading online used bookstore that helps you find the right buyers of your used books to whom you can sell your used books in person. Currently, bx ...

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12 Jan 2021 — Where to sell your eBooks online in person, Earn Cash: Old, New, Used Textbooks · Muthurwa is Kenya's largest digital

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13 Feb 2017 — This is why buying and selling used books would still make a good business. However, before you start your buy and sell business, you ...

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In Australia, it is a uniquely popular place to buy and sell second-hand books. number of books per month sold divided into costs minus possible selling price ...

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11 Aug 2014 — Now that you want to make a purchase where does one head? The biggest name in books online is which allows you to buy a large ...

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The Corido Marketplace is Kenya's leading online shop where you can sell, rent, dispose or gift used items. These items include; household items, ...

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I didn't know Bookstop sell second hand books which is great option for me when I can't afford the newer ones. K1 Flea Market . Hotel website. Sell your books ...

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20 Apr 2016 — Roadside vendors selling cheap, secondhand books in Kenya's capital of Nairobi ... Mwangi deals mostly used academic literature and novels.

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18 Nov 2019 — For us, it's not just selling books but Sharing Knowledge and Fun ... The Best Used Bookstore in Kenya that is Halfpriced Bookstore is ..


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