Best Freelance Online Writing Jobs and writing Accounts for Beginners Requirements of Academic Writing

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 Requirements of Academic Writing

The Content of Your Essay

Correct Grammar

use of Transition Words

Advanced Level Vocabulary

Critical Thinking Skills


Types of online writing

1. Academic Writing
2. Articles Writing

    This is a platform where you get questions from students in colleges both local and international. In academic writing, you are likely to have heard something like academic writing. Isn’t it? If you have not, you need not to worry. That is why you are here. Join me as we start our journey of making money. CPP or rather cost per page is the amount of money you will earn per page requested by a client. In this, you will realize that Kenyan writers may not have access to open new accounts. But what do they do and is it? You may have heard that someone bought aa writing account but is that possible? ..My answer is yes, there are so many sites selling academic accounts both US and Kenyan profiles. In my article, I will be very open. You can buy an account to make money and a lot of money. In fact, for your information, ask about what the young people who are vying for the positions of leadership do. The majority of them have earned through these sites. They have been able to hire writers and their work is to forward to the experts to do the assignments for them. So which are these sites?

    List Of Articles and Academic Writing websites in Kenya

    1. Uvocorp
    It is the best academic site in the market. Chances of your account being closed are very low. Their editors are lenient. Though expensive in the market, it’s CPP is very high. It will cost you between $800-$2,000 per account. I can guarantee you a return of over $1,000 monthly.
    2. Writers bay
    This is the best bidding site in the market. It has a constant flow of jobs throughout and their editors are very lenient. It is the leading in the market and pays up to $20 as CPP.
    3 .Essaysharks
    It pays very well during high seasons but CPP reduces up to $3 during the low seasons.
    4. Writers Web
    It is a bit cheaper than the others. It has a good flow of jobs. I would recommend you to buy.
    5. Academic Research Writers
    It has a very high CPP and many people have made a lot of money from the site.
    6. Quality writers
    It is new in the market but I would recommend you to signup or acquire one. It is doing very well.
    7. Course Hero
    Some months ago, it stole thousands of dollars from it’s writers. Other people believe that it is better than uvocorp. It will all depend on taste.
    8. Study pool
    It is a bidding account. You can also try your luck.
    9. TSM Group
    It’s another take account that has the flow of jobs throughout the season.
    10. Asian Writers
    This is an essay shark affiliate. It has a very high CPP and will reward your skills very well. It is also available in the market at a good price
    I know now you have a hint of what online articles writing is all about. For starters, I would advise you to start with articles writing. It is the best to start with. Articles writing sites have nothing to do with low seasons. The majority of them are very easy to join. Another advantage is that most of them are take accounts. You don’t have to bid. I will now take you straight to these great sites. You may have never heard of them but they are very reliable.
    1. Iwriter
    This is one of the best and the most reliable site since 2011. It is very easy to join. You will take 5 minutes to register the site and will start earning immediately.
    Iwriter has four levels;
    – Standard level. Pays $2.5 per 500 words document. It has a lot of competition though. You should hover around with a cursor and see more details regarding the next level.
    – Premium level. It will pay $4 per 500 words document. This is the level that has a good flow of jobs.
    – Elite level. It pays up to $ 10
    -Elite plus. This is the highest iwriter level. It pays very well. Up to $30 per article. You can rise to this level very easily.
    In my next article, I will dwell much into details about the easiest way to climb the ladder to that level. You can still inbox me for a special course.
    2. Neon Writer
    I once earned with the site but currently, it’s under maintenance. I still believe that it will overtake Iwriter in the near future. It pays a lower amount than other sites but I will still market it to the clients for free. To those asking for articles to be written, this is the cheapest site for them. With more sites to work with, the world of academic writing will accommodate more people.
    3. Dot Writer
    This is another site where you sell your articles. Once your article goes through the reviewing process, they will now appear online for sale and clients will compete to buy your articles. I would advise you not to save your articles to your disk. Put it at dot writer and you will soon get dollars from it.
    4. Upwork
    This is a bidding account and has a very good flow of jobs throughout the seasons. So many people are still earning from the site and I would recommend you to join the site. Registration has become a bit tricky but you can inbox me for more details. I will guide you through.
    5. TextBroker
    Before I start on anything else, let me start by saying that there two text broker sites. UK and US profiles. Do not mistake. US profile has a good flow of jobs. It is the best to work with. You only need to use a VPN in order to protect your account. It will cost about $350 for a level 4 account. It has no low season. The problem is that their demand is high and supply is very low.
    For your information, Textbroker’s platform is like that of iwriter. It is a take account and I can guarantee you over $40 daily from text broker.
    6. Pay per content
    This is another free to join the site that has a good flow of jobs throughout the year. It pays very well and available in the market. We buy accounts because they have a good rating and their chances of being closed are very low.




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