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features of payroll system

Payments and deductions

Breeze through your pay run. Enter hourly pay or salaries and we'll handle the calculations

Real time calculations

Payslip values are always calculated “real-time”, ensuring that you are always looking at the “final” correct value.

KRA compliant

Submit your NHIF, NSSF and Tax Returns in just a click.
Keeping compliant really is that easy

Easy corrections

Sage One helps you prevent and correct errors easily - don't worry, just amend a previous pay run and we'll handle the adjustments for you. No stress.


We take care of leave for you. Leave reports can be generated when needed.

Kra etr machines - electronics

Quality KRA approved ETR Machines to power your Busines

Free HR & Payroll management | Handle PAYE, NHIF, NSSF online‎

features of payroll system

types of payroll methods

names of payroll systems

types of payrolls

payroll systems software

functions of payroll

advantages of payroll

list of payroll systems

payroll management process

payroll management ppt

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what is payroll processing

payroll management pdf

audit manager meaning

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