Best Feeds For Kienyeji Chicken

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below is a guide about the Best Feeds For Kienyeji Chicken

In order to balance nutrients in chicken feeds, pre-mixers like poultry minerals, vitamin, amino acids and
coccidiostats can be purchased from reputable feed stockists and added to the formulation.
Type of commercial feeds are;
Chick mash: high protein 19-20%: offered from day old to 8 weeks of age
Grower mash: medium protein 16-17%: offered from 9 weeks up to start of lay.
Layer mash: medium protein 15-17%: offered to hens from when they start laying

Poultry Production Systems
Free range feed resources
Chicken are not confined and are provided with shelter, mostly at night.
They rely on scavenging for feeds which include kitchen waste, crop by-products, and a range of cereal
grains, insects and maggots among others.
They should be provided with at least 12 m2 of space to allow adequate feeding.
Semi-Intensive Production system
Chicken are confined (mainly during planting) and left to scavenge around the farm when there are no
crops in the field.
Chicken feed include scavenged feed resources e.g. Insects, household leftovers among others and can
be supplemented with commercial or homemade feeds.
Intensive Production System
Chicken are fully confined and fed on commercial or homemade feeds.
Different types of commercial feeds are chick mash, growers mash, layers mash among others

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