Best Car Insurance Companies In Kenya 2018

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BRITAM Kenya – British American Company is at the Top of The list

Britam: Westlands Branch
Address: Westlands Rd, Nairobi City, Kenya
Phone: +254 20 3744393

BRITAM is one of the leading auto insurance company in Kenya and has become the most popular firm providing best car insurance in Kenya.

This car insurance company in Kenya has made commendable progress for the last six years. The company is known for simple and fast processing of insurance facilitated by well trained financial advisors under close supervision to ensure consumer satisfaction.

Britam Kenya provides a financial protection against physical or bodily injury resulting from accidents, collisions and against liability. The company provides cover for vehicles used for Private and Commercial purposes. Britam provides you cover against:

  1. Accidental loss or damage to own vehicle arising out of:
  • Impact damage or collision, overturning
  • Fire damage
  • Theft of whole or part of vehicle
  1. Third Party Liabilities – legal liabilities arising out of ownership or use:
  • Damage to property belonging to other people-vehicle, buildings
  • Death or injury to pedestrians or public
  • Death/ injury to passengers – passengers legal liability
  1. Emergency Medical Expenses to driver or passengers or pedestrians following an accident
  2. Damage to vehicle in custody of motor trader or other service providers

CIC Insurance Group Limited:

Address: 6th Floor, Thika Arcade, Kenyatta Avenue, Thika, Kenya
Phone: +254 735 750885

CIC Insurance Group is reckoned among the most successful car insurance firms in Kenya. Private Auto Insurance with CIC ensures full coverage to the insured by providing financial protection in case of road accidents or destruction due to riots or theft.

Also, it provides exclusive offers to their customers, especially ladies have some specific benefits as per CIC policy norms.

Benefits provided by CIC car insurance under Third party liabilities:

  1. Nil theft excess
  2. Riot strike and civil commotion cover
  3. Coverage and repair facilitation across and within the COMESA region
  4. Courtesy Car
  5. Personal accident cover for you and the nuclear family in the incident where they were injured in the insured vehicle.
  6. In the case of a seized ATM withdrawal, the insured is compensated a certain amount of money.
  7. In the event of losing your car keys in a partial theft, you will be compensated a maximum of Ksh. 5000.

UAP Insurance Company

UAP Insurance Kenya is a renown car insurance organization in Kenya and recognized as a trustable name in the insurance of your vehicle

UAP Insurance offers a wide range of products on Comprehensive private vehicle insurance with optional benefits and insurance limits encompassed in 3 optional products; i.e. Gold, Silver, and Standard. 

The car insurance will cover the vehicles for loss or damage (including riot and strikes) and Third Party liabilities anywhere in East Africa with the following benefits:

  • AA Membership,
  • Car Tracking Device & Services
  • Personal Accident Insurance
  • 24 hour Road Rescue
  • Emergency Medical Expenses
  • Forced ATM withdrawal and much more.

APA Insurance Kenya


The merging of Apollo and Pan-Africa Insurance companies commenced APA Insurance, the largest insurer in East and Central Africa.

Address: Left Wing, 6th Floor, Hughes Building, Muindi Mbingu St, Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: +254 721 621552

APA It provides Motor Comprehensive Insurance with different packages for private vehicle owners.  Their Motor Comprehensive Insurance covers damages to your motor vehicle following an accident, fire, theft, flood and the third party liability arising out of the use of the vehicle.

Other benefits include:

  • Comprehensive Motor Insurance Policy for your vehicle.
  • Political Violence and Terrorism Cover at no extra cost for vehicles valued up to 50,000,000 UGX
  • FREE riveting and marking for clients who pay upfront, for vehicles valued at 15,000,000 UGX and more.
  • Waiver of Police Report for theft of parts and in case of minor accidents not involving third parties
  • Towing of accidentally damaged vehicles
  • Settlement within two (2) working days on completion of repairs
  • Medical expenses (arising out of an accident of the insured vehicle) for the driver, up to 500,000 UGX.

Heritage Insurance Company

Address: Mamlaka Rd, Nairobi City, Kenya
Phone: +254 20 2783000

Heritage Insurance Company is one of the largest car insurance companies in kenya and very well-known among the natives of Kenya. It provides short term insurance services for private vehicle owners. Covers are available for the following categories of vehicles;

» Private Cars – Used for social, domestic and pleasure purposes only.

» Commercial vehicles – Used for business or commercial purpose. 

For each category of vehicle, three types of covers can be purchased;

» Third Party Only (TPO) – This is the basic and minimum cover available. It provides for liability to third parties only in respect of bodily injury and damage to third party property. It is the mandatory cover that a motorist should have.

» Third Party Fire and Theft (TPF&T) – In addition to the TPO cover above, this cover extends cover the insured’s vehicle against the risks of fire and theft, including partial theft.

» Comprehensive – This is a superior cover to all the others as in addition to TPF&T, it extends to cover any other accidental damage to the vehicles including collision, overturning, effects of floods, Earthquakes etc.

Jubilee Insurance Company

Jubilee Insurance is one of the most successful insurance companies in Kenya known for the largest economy in East African Community.  The company provides motor insurance with two categories:

Jubilee insurance for private vehicles:

Under this category, the company provides three types of services for private vehicle owners.  These are described below:

  • Third Party Car Insurance: This policy covers third party bodily injury and property damage arising out of use of motor vehicle.
  • Third Party Theft & Fire: This cover extends to cover theft, fire, third party bodily injury and property damage.
  • Comprehensive Car Insurance:  covers third party liability and property damage to the vehicle i.e. damage arising out of the fire, theft and accidental damage to the vehicle.

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Lady Jubilee comprehensive cover for lady drivers:

A unique comprehensive motor insurance covers specially designed for female drivers.  It has additional advantages for ladies along with the conventional motor insurance cover offered by the insurers in the industry.

AMACO Insurance:

Address: Opposite Machakos University College Mlolongo Campus, Mombasa Road, Mlolongo, Kenya
Phone: +254 708 089913

AMACO– Africa Merchant Assurance Company is a well-known motor insurance company in Kenya. The company provides two important insurance covers for the vehicle owners:

Third Party cover

This is the minimum legal insurance requirement in Kenya according to Cap 405. It covers the insured’s liability with regard to property damage and bodily injury to a Third Party arising from his motor vehicle.

Comprehensive cover

This covers the liabilities covered in the Third Party policy as well as material damage arising from fire, theft and accidental damage to the motor vehicle

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