Benefits of a lesson plan to a teacher in Kenya and Download link

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 List of Benefits of a lesson plan to a teacher 2018

1. The lesson plan enables a teacher to manage his or time well. The teacher always indicate what is to be covered and for how long, in the lesson plan. This will guide him or her into using time effectively and efficiently.
2. The lesson plan helps a teacher to prepare the necessary materials for a lesson. It is possible to identify the teaching aids that will be relevant for use by the teacher when he or she prepares a lesson plan first.
3. The lesson plan gives the teacher an insight of what he or she should expect from the learners, thus is very essential in getting prepared to face questions and comments from the learners.
4. The lesson plan also is important in reducing boredom. In this case, you will realize that most teachers may get into a class without a lesson plan and end up teaching absolutely nothing because nothing exactly was planned for that class.

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5. Lesson plans also enables teachers to find teaching easy and this motivates students.
6. It is also a way through which teachers can track what has been taught and plan for them in next classes or lessons.
7. Lesson plans allow teachers to organize their classes since the content to be taught is already

planned in a document by the teacher.
8. Teachers are also able to monitor activities of the learners and this is important in guiding slow learners.
9. Through the lesson plans. Teachers are also able to achieve the objectives and goals stipulated or put down for a specific period.
10. The lesson plan also help teachers to solve any possible problems that might arise due to lack of preparedness for a lesson.

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