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Babu Owino Paul Ongili Biography

Babu Owino whose real name is Paul Ongili Owino was born on 10th October 1989 in Kisumu. He is a Kenyan politician and the member of parliament of Embakasi East constituency.  He is the former chairman of SONU (Students Organisation of Nairobi University).


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Babu Owino Age

  • Babu Owino was born on 10th October 1989 ( 28 years as at 2017)

Babu Owino Early Life

He was born in a city slum of Kondele in Kisumu. His mother was a chang’aa seller. After he passed his primary school education he got a letter from Mang’u high school but his mother could not afford the school fees and a sponsor chipped in but took him to Kisumu High School.


After schooling an A- in KCSE he secured a chance at Moi University but he did not take up the chance. His uncle was a commercial farmer and he talked to him and he introduced him to the business and also gave him capital to start his own vegetable large scale business.

After 2 years he had saved enough money to put him through the University. He enrolled for Acturial science at the University of Nairobi in 2008.

Babu Owino Education Background

  1. Undergraduate student at the University of Nairobi, Bachelors degree in Law.
  2. 2008- 2012: Undergraduate student at the University of Nairobi, Bachelor’s Degree in Acturial Science.
  3. 2003-2006: Secondary school student at Kisumu High School, A-(80 points)
  4. 1995-2002: Primary school student at Kisumu Township Primary School (394 out of 500 marks)

Babu Owino Career

In the academic year 2011/2012 Babu Owino was elected as the chairman of the students union, Student Organisation of Nairobi University(SONU). He is the longest serving student in the student union in Kenya.

Babu Owino Political Career

In 2013 he vied as the Member of Parliament for Westlands constituency but he lost to Hon Timothy Wanyonyi.  In 2017  he vied for Embakasi East Parliamentary seat a


Babu Owino Family: Wife and Children

Babu Owino is married to a beautiful wife Fridah Muthoni and they are blessed with two children.

 Babu Owino Wealth

“I not very wealthy and the wealth I have comes from God. I own a number of companies including a supplies company, a property and a construction company. I am also a farmer, I was financially orphaned when Gaddafi was killed. Long ago, Libya’s late president, Muammar Gadaffi used to be my best friend, and he used to finance me. When he passed on, I was left a financial orphan and decided to look for other international friends,” said Babu during an interview on Citizen TV The Big Question.

Asked who these international friends are, Babu declined to disclose.

““I would not disclose them because when I reveal their identity, they are killed – just like what they did to Gaddafi,” Babu said.


Babu Owino Cars

His first car was a Toyota Corolla 110. This car is the 8th generation of Corollas, and this car was used by him when it used to be the latest car. Among the fleet of cars owned by Paul Ongili, is a Range Rover Sport. Range Rover Sport is a luxury car produced by the British company, Land Rover. This car has a body dimension of 188.3 inches (4,783 mm) × 76.1 inches (1,933 mm) × 71.5 inches (1,816 mm). In addition to the Range Rover Sport, Babu Owino has a Land Cruiser V8. Land Cruiser V8 is also a luxurious car, and it is produced by Japanese automobile maker, Toyota.

Official Babu Owino Contacts


Babu Owino latest News

Vote recount in Embakasi East

A Judge has ordered for scrutiny and a recount of votes cast in the Embakasi East Constituency during the August 8 General Election.


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