Apply for Personal Unsecured Loans from Standard Chartered Bank Kenya 2017

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At Standard Chartered, we understand that there are many things you want and need for your family: the best education for your children, improvements to your home, the ability to take advantage of great investment opportunities, post-graduate studies for yourself, or even a much-needed overseas holiday for the whole family.

Thanks to our personal loan, your dream could become a reality sooner with our fast loan processing service. We guarantee* we'll process your Personal Loan in just three working days. The money will be in the bank on the fourth working day, or you'll receive KES 3,000.


We offer two types of personal loans in Kenya:

  1. Personal Loan

    An unsecured personal loan facility for customers who receive their salaries in a Standard Chartered account.

  2. Scheme Loan
    The Scheme loan is a personal loan for employees of a company, which is administered through an agreement between Standard Chartered Bank and any participating organisation. In most cases, repayments are made directly from payroll. This loan is also tailored to meet personal expenditure.


3 day loan payout guaranteed

    • Competitive interest rates
    • No security needed
    • Flexible repayment periods of 6-72* months
    • Borrow up to KES 7 Million
    • Credit Life & Retrenchment Insurance Policy
    • Convenient and easy to access, service at your doorstep

*term and conditions apply


A minimum gross salary of as low as KES 15,000 per month for Scheme Loan and KES 40,000 per month for Personal Loan.

 Requirements for applying Personal Unsecured Loans from Standard Chartered Bank kenya

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