All KRA RETURNS BASICS, Nil Returns, Fine,

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1. HaveP9 Form from employer ie
Log into ghris or tsc payslip portal
Screenshot or print your p9 form.
2compute the following

Total PAYE=Total paye auto +MPR value

3. Download excel file for filling the details by logging into your itax account  then click file returns and select taxpayer

4. Filling excel file
Open the zipped file and enable macros by clicking excel options
 A. Basic info
PIN- Your pin
Type of return- Original
Return period from- 01/01/2017
 Return period to- 31/12/2017

F. Employment income
Pin of employer-P051098084N( if its TSC)
Name of employer-Teachers Service Commission
M. Gross pay- (Subtotal+Arrears)
Allowances & Benefits-0
Net value of housing-0
Net value of Housing-0
Pension in excess-0

T.  fill column 16, personal relief with the mpr total


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