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BoM Board of Management

BQs Bill of Quantities

CBA Competency-Based Assessment

CBC Competency-Based Curriculum

CDE County Director of Education

CEMASTEA Center for Mathematics Science Technology Education in Africa CEO Chief Executive Officer

CESMP Construction Environment and Social Management Plan

CSBs Community Selection Boards

CRTC Curriculum Reforms Technical Committees

CSOs Curriculum Support Officers

CPCU County Project Coordination Unit

CPPMU Central Project Planning and Monitoring Unit

CQASO County Quality Assurance Officer

DC&SC Design Construction and Supervision Consultants

DPCAD Directorate of Projects Coordination and Delivery

DLIs Disbursement-Linked Indicators

DLRs Disbursement-Linked Results

DQASOs Directorate of Quality Assurance and Standards Officers

EMCA Environment Management and Coordination Act

EMIS Education Management Information System

ESAMI Eastern and Southern African Management Institute

ESMF Environmental and Social Management Framework

ESMP Environment and Social Management Plan

E&SS Environment and Social Safeguards

GESI Global and European Studies Institute

GOK Government of Kenya 

GIS Geographical Information System

HSCM Head of Supply Chain Management

IBM International Business Machines Cooperation

IEC Information Education Communication

ICT Information Communication Technology

IT Information Technology

KCPE Kenya Certificate of Primary Education

KEPSHA Kenya Primary School Heads Association

KESSHA Kenya Secondary School Heads Association

KIB Kenya Institute for the Blind

KICD Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development

KISE Kenya Institute of Special Education

KNATCOM Kenya National Commission for UNESCO Office

KNEC Kenya National Examinations Council

KSCE Kenya Secondary Certificate Education

M&E Monitoring and Evaluation

MLA Monitoring Learning Achievement

MLP Monitoring Learning Progress

MPSSI Minimum Package of Safe School Infrastructure

MoE Ministry of Education

MIMVC Ministerial Instructional Material Vetting Committee

NA Needs Assessment

NEMIS National Education Management Information System

NESP National Education Sector Plan

NPC National Project Coordinator

NT National Treasury

OHS Occupational Health and Safety

PAD Project Appraisal Document

PDO Project Development Objective

PIM Project Implementation Manual

PPSD Project Procurement Strategy Development

PPT Project Preparation Team

PS Principal Secretary

PSC Project Steering Committee

QTS Quality teaching Standards

REOI Request for Expression of Interest

SAGAs Semi-Autonomous Government Agencies

SBTSS School- Based Teachers Support System

SCFO Senior Chief Finance Officer

SDGs Sustainable Development Goals

SEQIP Secondary Education Quality Improvement Project

SME Science, Mathematics and English

SNE Special Needs Education

SoE Statements of Expenditure

STI Science Technology and Innovation

ToTs Trainer of Trainers

TM Teacher Management

TMSS Textbook Management Support System

ToR Terms of Reference

TPAD Teachers Performance Appraisal and Development

TPD Teachers Professional Development

TSC Teachers Service Commission

TSC-CD Teachers Service Commission- County Director

TVET Technical Vocational Education and Training

UNESCO United Nations, Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

USD United States Dollars

VMGF Vulnerable and Marginalized Groups Framework

WASH Water Sanitation and Hygiene

WB World Bank

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