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Here are online university courses in Kenya and where they are offered.

Where To Pursue Online University Courses In Kenya

We all want to improve our skills and that means getting education and in most cases, you will be forced to enroll for distance learning. The advantage of online learning is that it is much cheaper and you get to complete your studies in the shortest time possible.

Here are top universities offering online courses in Kenya.

1. Kenyatta University Digital School

The Kenyatta University Digital School of Virtual and Open Learning works in collaboration with various institutes that offer online courses and is aimed at providing students with the same skills as their school-based counterparts.

It is open to students who are not able to take up full time 0n-campus programs.

Fully equipped with new programs, the Kenyatta University Digital School offers diplomas, degrees and even masters degrees. 

2. The University of Nairobi Center for Open and Distance Learning

The Center for Distance Learning at The University of Nairobi aims at providing alternative opportunities for accessing relevant and quality university education through media.

If you are looking for online courses you should pursue, they offer both undergraduate and graduate courses. Enroll through their portal.

3. Kenya Institute of Open Learning

Not all people can afford to enroll for school-based program and the Kenya Institute of Open Learning targets diploma and certificate students who have no financial means of accessing education any other way.

If you are looking to enroll in a diploma or certificate courses, this is the place to start.

4. Egerton University E-learning Self Sponsored Programmes

The Egerton University E-learning programme is open to both undergraduate and post graduate studentswho cannot enroll for on-campus programmes.

5. USIU Online University Courses

Another great place to get quality online education for both undergraduates and post graduates. USIU has created a name for itself as one of the top private universities in Kenya, which makes it an ideal place to try distance learning.

6. Moi University Institute for Open and Distance Learning

Open learning is fast becoming a preferred mode of learning and Moi University has not been left behind. Its Institute of Open and Distance Learning offers students affordable university education in a setting that is ideal for those who cannot enroll for their school-based programmes.


7. JKUAT Distance Learning and Continuing Education

The JKUAT distance learning programme is open to diploma and certificate courses, undergraduate and post graduate programmes. Learn more her about how to apply for JKUAT Distance Learning and Continuing Education.

Distance learning had revolutionized education and now more than ever students who can’t afford school-based programmes due to finance or work commitments can enroll and learn online.

These mentioned universities both private and public offer accredited online university courses that you can be sure to complete in the shortest time possible.


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