A comprehensive list of government parastatals in Kenya their addresses (postal and physical), official contacts (telephone and e-mail) , website 2018

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List of government parastatals in kenya

List of Parastatals in Kenya

  1. Environmental Management and Co-ordination
  2. National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation
  3. Coast Water Services Board
  4. Water Services Trust Fund
  5. Water Services Regulatory Board
  6. Tana Water Services Board
  7. Athi Water Services Board
  8. Rift Valley Water Services Board
  9. Kenyatta National Hospital
  10. National Development Fund For Persons With Disabilities
  11. Kenya Medical Research Institute
  12. Nyayo Tea Zones Development Corporation
  13. Uwezo Fund
  14. Export Processing Zones Authority
  15. Numerical Machining Complex Limited
  16. Anti-money Laundering Advisory Board
  17. Industrial Development Bank
  18. National Campaign Against Drug Abuse Authority Board
  19. Coast Development Authority
  20. Tana and Athi Rivers Development Authority
  21. Micro and Small Enterprises Authority
  22. Kenya Veterinary Vaccines Production Institute
  23. Kenya Animal Genetics Resource Center
  24. South Nyanza Sugar Company
  25. National Oil Corporation of Kenya
  26. Sports Kenya
  27. National Council for children’s services
  28. Jomo Kenyatta Foundation – JKF
  29. Kenya Trade Network Agency Board
  30. Anti-Counterfeit Agency Board
  31. Chemelil Sugar Company
  32. Kenya Yearbook Editorial Board
  33. Nzoia sugar company limited
  34. Kenya marine and Fisheries Research Institute
  35. University Of Nairobi Enterprises & Services Ltd
  36. Telkom Kenya
  37. Sports Stadia Management Board
  38. Postal Corporation Of Kenya
  39. Pest Control Products Board
  40. New KCC
  41. National Co-ordinating Agency for Population and Development- NCPD
  42. National Irrigation Board, Kenya
  43. National Housing Corporation
  44. National Environmental Management Authority
  45. National Bank Of Kenya
  46. Maseno University
  47. Local Authority Provident Fund
  48. Lake Victoria South Water Services Board
  49. Kenya Wildlife Service
  50. Kenya Tourist Development Corporation (KTDC)
  51. Kenya Tourist Board
  52. Kenya Safari Lodges & Hotels
  53. Kenya Revenue Authority
  54. Kenya Post Office Saving Bank
  55. Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC)
  56. Kenya Ordnance Factories Corporation
  57. Kenya National Shipping Line
  58. Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis
  59. Kenya institute of Administration
  60. Kenya Industrial Estates
  61. Kenya Forestry Research Institute
  62. Kenya College of Communication and Technology
  63. Kenya Bureau Of Standards
  64. Kenya Broadcasting Corporation
  65. Kenya Anti-corruption Authority
  66. Jomo Kenyatta University Of Agriculture and Technology
  67. Export Promotion Council
  68. Communications Commission of Kenya
  69. Catering and Tourism Development Levy Trustees
  70. Capital Markets Authority
  71. Bomas Of Kenya Limited
  72. Agricultural Finance Corporation
  73. Agricultural Development Corporation
  74. Ajira Digital Programme
  75. Women Representatives in Kenya
  76. Kenyan MPS – Members of Parliament Kenya (Mps in Kenya)
  77. Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services (KEPHIS)
  78. Kenya Nuclear Electricity Board
  79. Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development
  80. Kenya ICT Board
  81. Kenya Coconut Development Authority
  82. Kenya Accreditation Service
  83. Independent Electoral & Boundaries Commission
  84. Higher Education Loans Board
  85. Executive Secretariat & Technical Unit
  86. Energy Regulatory Commission
  87. Competition Authority of Kenya
  88. Commission on Revenue Allocation
  89. Brand Kenya Board
  90. Betting Control & Licensing Board
  91. Agricultural Development Corporation
  92. Kerio Valley Development Authority (KVDA)
  93. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
  94. Catering & Tourism Development Levy Trustees
  95. Nyayo Tea Zones Development Corporation
  96. Lake Basin Development Authority
  97. National Council for Population & Development
  98. Kenya Coconut Development Authority
  99. NGOs Co-ordination Board
  100. Retirement Benefits Authority
  101. Ewaso Ng’iro South Development Authority
  102. Pyrethrum Board of Kenya
  103. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
  104. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
  105. Energy Regulatory Commission
  106. Kenya National Highways Authority
  107. National Social Security Fund
  108. Tana & Athi Rivers Development Authority
  109. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
  110. Kenya Roads Board
  111. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
  112. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority
  114. National AIDS Control Council
  115. LapFund
  116. Radiation Protection Board
  117. Public Procurement Oversight Authority
  118. National Environment Tribunal
  119. National Construction Authority
  120. Insurance Regulatory Authority
  121. Transition Authority
  122. Policyholders Compensation Fund
  123. Council for Higher Education (CHE) in Kenya
  124. Kenya National Commission for UNESCO
  125. Schools Equipment Production Unit – SEPU
  126. Kenya Education Management Institute – KEMI
  127. Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development – KICD
  128. Kenya School of Government – KSG
  129. Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) in Kenya
  130. Kenya Electricity Transmission Company – Ketraco
  131. Geothermal Development Company – GDC
  132. Kenya National Youth Service – NYS Kenya
  133. Kenya Energy Regulatory Commission – ERC
  134. Kenya Petroleum Refineries – KPRL
  135. Kenya Electricity Transmission Company – Ketraco
  136. Kenya Geothermal Development Corporation
  137. Kenya Rural Electrification Authority
  138. The National Oil Corporation of Kenya – Nock
  139. Kenya Pipeline Company – KPC
  140. Kenya ICT Board – KICTB
  141. Brand Kenya
  142. Media Council of Kenya
  143. Kenya Electricity Generating Company – KenGen
  144. Kenya Power Lighting Company – KPLC
  145. Kenya Forest Service – KFS
  146. Government Press Kenya
  147. Kenya Meat Commission – KMC
  148. Pyrethrum Board of Kenya – PBK
  149. Kenya Sugar Research Foundation
  150. Kenya Sugar Board – KSB
  151. Kenya Flower Council
  152. Horticultural Crops Development Authority
  153. Coffee Board of Kenya
  154. Kenya Tea Development Agency – KTDA
  155. National Cereals and Produce Board – NCPB
  156. Kenya ICT Board
  157. Kenya Film Commission
  158. Kenya News Agency – KNA
  159. Kenya National Library Service – KNLS
  160. National Museums of Kenya – NMK
  161. Jomo Kenyatta Foundation – JKF
  162. Kenya Literature Bureau – KLB
  163. National Land Commission in Kenya
  164. State Corporations in Kenya
  165. Kenya Roads Board
  166. Kenya National Highway Authority – KNHA
  167. Kenya Rural Roads Authority – KeRRA
  168. KURA – Kenya Urban Roads Authority Contacts
  169. The Kenya Railways Corporation – KRC
  170. Kenya Airports Authority – KAA
  171. Kenya Airways – KQ
  172. East African Safari Air Ltd
  173. Kenya Maritime Authority – KMA
  174. Kenya Ferry Service – KFS
  175. Kenya Civil Aviation Authority – KCAA
  176. Centre for Mathematics Science and Technology in Africa
  177. Kenya Institute of Special Education – KISE
  178. Kenya National Examinations Council – KNEC
  179. Kenya Education Staff Institute – KESI
  180. Teachers Service Commission (TSC) – Kenya
  181. Commission for Higher Education (CHE) Kenya
  182. The Kenya Medical Supplies Agency – KEMSA
  183. The Kenya Medical Training College – KMTC
  184. Petroleum Institute of East Africa – PIEA
  185. Kenya Power and Lighting Company Ltd – KPLC
  186. Kenya Electricity Generating Company Limited – KenGen
  187. Kenya Film Commission

How many government parastatals are in Kenya?
The 14 parastatals have been categorized into three, in accordance to their earnings rating. For instance Kenya Power and Kenya Railways have been classified as unprofitable due to their high indebtedness from on-lent loans, large liabilities and acute liquidity challenges.

Who are government parastatals?
Are universities parastatals in Kenya?
Is Kra a parastatal?
Is KWS a parastatal?
What parastatal means?

How are parastatals formed?
Is formed by an Act of Parliament. Is mainly funded by the government. Is managed by government appointees. Any surplus earned-is surrendered to the government.

How many ministries are in Kenya?
How many state corporations are there in Kenya?
How many state corporations do we have in Kenya?
What are the advantages of parastatals?
How are parastatals financed?
What are government owned industries called?


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  • Kenya Investment Authority

  • IDB capital

  • Agricultural Finance Corporation

  • Consolidated Bank

  • Deposit Protection Fund Board

  • Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation

  • Industrial Development Bank

  • Kenya Industrial Estates

  • Kenya National Assurance Co.

  • Kenya Re-Insurance Corporation

  • Kenya Revenue Authority

  • Kenya Roads Board

  • Kenya Tourist Development Corporation

  • National Bank of Kenya

  • National Hospital Insurance Fund

  • National Social Security Fund


Commercial & Manufacturing

  • Agro-Chemicals and Food Company

  • Chemelil Sugar Company

  • East African Portland Cement Company

  • Gilgil Telecommunications Industries

  • Jomo Kenyatta Foundation

  • Kenya Airports Authority

  • Kenya Broadcasting Corporation

  • Kenya Electricity Generating Company

  • Kenya Literature Bureau

  • Kenya Ordinance Factories Corporation

  • University of Nairobi Enterprises and Services Limited

  • New Kenya Co-operative Creameries Ltd

  • Kenya Electricity Transmission Company

  • Kenya Pipeline Company

  • Kenya Ports Authority

  • Kenya Power and Lighting Company

  • Kenya Railways Corporation

  • Kenya Civil Aviation Authority

  • Kenya Safari Lodges and Hotels

  • Kenya Seed Company Limited

  • Kenya Wine Agencies

  • Kenyatta International Convention Centre

  • National Cereals and Produce Board

  • National Housing Corporation

  • National Oil Corporation of Kenya

  • National Water Conservation and Pipeline Corporation

  • Numerical Machining Complex

  • Nzoia Sugar Company

  • Postal Corporation of Kenya

  • Pyrethrum Board of Kenya

  • School Equipment Production Unit

  • South Nyanza Sugar Company

  • Telkom Kenya Limited


Public Universities

  • Chuka University

  • Cooperative University

  • Dedan Kimathi University​​

  • Egerton University

  • Embu University​​

  • Garissa University​​

  • Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University of Science and Technology

  • Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology

  • Karatina University​​

  • Multi-Media University of Kenya

  • Kenyatta University

  • Kibabii University College

  • Kirinyaga University College

  • Kisii University

  • Laikipia University College

  • Maasai Mara University

  • Machakos University College

  • Maseno University

  • Masinde Muliro University of Science and Technology

  • Meru University of Science and Technology

  • Moi University

  • Murang’a University​​

  • Pwani University

  • Rongo University

  • South Eastern Kenya Universtiy- SEKU

  • Taita Taveta University

  • Technical University of Mombasa

  • The Technical University of Kenya

  • University of Eldoret

  • University of Kabianga

  • University of Nairobi


Training and Research

  • Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service

  • Coffee Research Foundation

  • Kenya Agricultural Research Institute

  • Kenya Forestry Research Institute

  • Kenya Industrial Research and Development Institute

  • Kenya Institute of Administration

  • Kenya Institute of Public Policy Research and Analysis

  • Kenya Marine and Fisheries Research Institute

  • Kenya Medical Research Institute

  • Kenya Sugar Research Foundation

  • National Museums of Kenya

  • Tea Research Foundation

  • Kenya Institute of Education

  • Kenya Education Staff Institute


Service Corporations

  • Agricultural Development Corporation

  • Bomas of Kenya

  • Central Water Services Board

  • Coast Water Services Board

  • Higher Education Loans Board

  • Kenya Accountants and Secretaries National Examination Board

  • Kenya Ferry Services

  • Kenya National Library Services

  • Kenya Tourist Board

  • Kenya Wildlife Service

  • Kenyatta National Hospital

  • Lake Victoria North Water Services Board

  • Local Authorities Provident Fund

  • Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital

  • Nairobi Water Services Board

  • National Aids Control Council

  • National Council for Law Reporting

  • National Sports Stadia Management Board

  • Northern Water Services Board

  • Rift Valley Water Services Board

  • Water Resources Management Authority

  • Water Services Trust Fund

  • Lake Victoria South Water Services Board

  • National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse

  • Athi Water Services Board

  • Kenya National Examination Council


Regional Development

  • Coast Development Authority

  • Ewaso Ng’iro North Development Authority

  • Ewaso Ng’iro South Development Authority

  • Kerio Valley Development Authority

  • Lake Basin Development Authority

  • Tana and Athi Rivers Development


Tertiary Education & Training

  • Cooperative College of Kenya

  • Kenya College of Communications Technology

  • Kenya Medical Training College

  • Kenya Utalii College

  • Kenya Water Institute



  • Kenya Veterinary Board

  • Kenya Leather Development Council

  • Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority

  • Capital Markets Authority

  • Catering and Tourism Development Levy Trustee

  • Coffee Board of Kenya

  • Commission for University Education

  • Communication authority​​

  • Council for Legal Education

  • Energy Regulatory Commission

  • Export Promotion Council

  • Horticultural Crops Development Authority

  • Kenya Bureau of Standards

  • Kenya Dairy Board

  • Kenya Industrial Property Institute

  • Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Services

  • Kenya Sisal Board

  • Kenya Sugar Board

  • Maritime Authority

  • ​​ National Environment Management Authority

  • National Irrigation Board

  • Public Benefits Organizations Regulatory Authority

  • Tea Board of Kenya

  • Water Services Regulatory Board

  • Transport Licensing Board

  • Catering Training & Tourism Development Levy Trustees

  • Export Promotion Council

  • Export Processing Zones Authority

  • Kenya Bureau of Standards


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