5 reasons why 2017 KCSE results will not be recalled despite Sossion remarks

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This is an argument that has been seconded by the opposition through its leader Rt. Hon Raila Odinga. According to critics, the examinations marking process is no longer given the seriousness it deserves.Below are five reasons why the government will not succumb to these calls; 

1. Admission by ministry

Recalling of the results would be a submission and an admission by the ministry of education/government that indeed the 'unorthodox,' dubious examinations marking system is faulty as alleged by critics. No government would want to portray itself in bad light!

2. The opposition has joined the call

Every Kenyan knows what serious debate on pertinent issues is turned to especially whenever it's championed by the opposition or pro opposition sections- pure politics. This is irrespective of how the issue raised can improve our systems. The powers that be will and do anything to scuttle such advocacy with an objective of humiliating the opposition or just to outshine it. There should be sober consideration of serious and progressive concerns whenever they are raised irrespective of who are raising them. 

3. Changes in the exam system/objective

In its defense, the ministry of education has argued that it will be relentless in pursuing changes in the education/examinations system to ensure that only the convincingly suitable/deserving pupils/students will get good grades. This is in a push to boost merit and genuine knowledge/skill.

4. Matiang'i is not a punching bag

The tough talking minister is a no-nonsense leader who is not easily cowed down by critics. This is evident through his firm stand on this year's post election demonstrations and chaos. He didn't go slow on ensuring that hooligans were met with full force of the law despite calls from the opposition to stop what seemed like persecution of opposition supporters.

 5. Backdated Chaos

An admission that the examination results are bogus would lead to backdated chaos as critics look at the way national examinations results have been released retrogressively during Matiang'i era. This would force all the involved education officials to step aside to pave way for investigations into this crisis. 

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