300,000 risk missing exams registration KCPE and KCSE 2018

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“We have been running two serious and heavy exercises. Uploading of Nemis (National Education Management Information System) data and the examination registration have been running parallel and all these are online process that are being undertaken by the same people,” said Kahi Indimuli, the chairman of the secondary school heads association.

He said the Nemis data requirement deadline is February 20.

“Most schools thought it wise that the Nemis deadline is fast approaching and they needed to clear that first. In any case, they would have another eight day to register for the examinations,” said Mr Indimuli.

He, however, urged Knec to extend the deadline to enable the registration process to proceed smoothly.

“We are now foreseeing a situation where schools and candidates will jam the Knec portal from tomorrow to beat the deadline in the event the Nemis deadline remains February 20,” said Indimuli.

Sources at Knec said postponing the registration would interfere with the planning process of administering the test.

And parents countrywide are required to present their children's birth certificates to schools by today for the ministry of Education registration, a process that is to see all learners allocated unique learner identifiers.


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