25,000 jubilee Party Agents to work across the country during the upcoming general election

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JUBILEE is seeking to employ 25,000 Party Agents to work across the country during the upcoming general election. 

President Uhuru Kenyatta today campaigned in the nation’s capital, unequivocally backing Sonko-Igathe in the gubernatorial race and asking voters to shun moves to divide the vote.

The President – who was accompanied by Deputy President William Ruto – said the residents should avoid the mistake they made in 2013 to vote for an opposition that has made them to suffer inefficient service delivery for four-and-a-half years.

“The time to restore the glory of Nairobi is now and you hold the key to that change. Vote for Jubilee candidates on August 8 and you will see how we will transform this city,” President Kenyatta said at Riruta Stadium on one of the several campaign stops.

The President spoke strongly for Jubilee’s candidates in Nairobi, including Mike Mbuvi Sonko for Governor, Johnson Sakaja for Senator and Rachel Shebesh for Women’s Representative. He also urged support for local MP and MCA candidates.

The President’s meet-the-people tour of Nairobi comes hot on the of his campaign blitz in the Coast region where his message urging residents to elect all Jubilee candidates was warmly received.

“I am here to ask for your votes, to give me the mandate to finish the job. We have laid the foundations for prosperity and now we need to complete the job,” the President said.

“But we need a strong team. We need Sonko who understands the city’s residents, and we want you to give us the other aspirants who won clean nominations,” the President added.

The President pointedly told former MP Peter Kenneth, who lost Jubilee party primaries for governor, that it was time to abandon his bid and support the winning team of Sonko-Igathe.

“I say to Peter, the people of Nairobi wanted Sonko. Let him get on with the job,” the President said.

President Kenyatta assured Nairobians that Jubilee had picked a team that understands their needs unlike the opposition, which has rundown the city.

“We know you have suffered under the current county leadership but we assure you that Sonko and his team will transform that,” President Kenyatta said.

Deputy President Ruto said Jubilee has put in place an effective action plan that will create jobs for the youth in Nairobi and a cross the country.

He cited the construction of the Standard Gauge Railway, the improvement of roads and expanding electricity connection as part of the industrialisation agenda that will create employment.

“We have laid the industrialisation foundation that will create thousands of jobs for the youth,” the Deputy President said.

He added: “We want to continue the work we are doing. But we also want you to give us a strong Jubilee team led by (Aspirant) Governor Mike Sonko,” the Deputy President said.

The Deputy President also slammed the opposition for their attempts to delay the August polls by using court cases.

He welcomed yesterday’s Court of Appeal ruling that ensured that the polls will be held on schedule as required by the Constitution.

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