2019 TSC score sheet Recruitment, Guidelines

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Graduate and Masters Teachers score sheet for 2019 employment for teachers with degree or Masters in B.ED

  • Master degree or first class – 35marks
  • second class upper divison – 30marks
  • second class lower division -25marks
  • pass – 20marks

Factors  that  increases chances of Tsc employment 

  • length of stay since graduation.
  • Teaching subjects combinations like Physics/Chemistry, Biology/Agriculture and Chemistry/Biology are easily absorbed by TSC because they are few.


For Diploma trained teachers here is the score sheet;

  • Distinction – 25marks
  • credit – 20marks
  • pass – 15marks

Length of stay after graduation score sheet

2009 and below – 60 marks
2010  – 55 marks
2011  – 50 marks
2012 – 45 marks
2013 – 40 marks
2014 – 35 marks
2015 – 30 marks
2016 – 25 marks
2017 – 20 marks
2018 – 15 marks
2019 – 10 marks


Co-curricular certificate of participation score sheet

Participation in co- curricular activities – 1 mark
Student’s academic performance – 1 mark
Special talent – 1 mark

Communication skills

command in communication and convincing confidence level will put you in a good position to secure a job with TSC.

Ensure that your content mastery in your teaching subjects is commendable



tsc score sheet 2019/2020

tsc score sheet 2019 pdf

tsc score sheet for primary teachers

Best marketable tsc subjects combination
TSC Score sheet for master and graduate teachers 2019
TSC Score sheet for diploma teachers 2019
Advantage of certificate of Co-curricular participation

tsc score sheet for p1 teachers
tsc marking scheme 2019 pdf

tsc score sheet 2018-2019

tsc recruitment score sheet 2019 pdf

p1 score sheet 2019

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