2018 recommended wines and spirits price list in kenya

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kenya wines and spirits prices

  1. Captain Morgan Spiced Gold 750ml Ksh1800
  2. Johnnie Walker Red 200ml Ksh600
  3. Tanqueray London Dry Gin 750ml Ksh2300
  4. J&B Rare 200ml Ksh550
  5. Ciroc Vodka 750ml Ksh3700
  6. Johnnie Walker Black 1000ml Ksh 5100
  7. Johnnie Walker Black 750ml Ksh 3800
  8. Johnnie Walker Black 375ml Ksh1900
  9. Johnnie Walker Red 1000ml Ksh2650
  10. Johnnie Walker Red 750ml Ksh2000
  11. Johnnie Walker Red 375ml 1230
  12. Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve (18Y) 750ml Ksh5700
  13. Johnnie Walker Platinum 750ml Ksh8100
  14. Singleton of Dufftown(12Y) 750ml Ksh4300
  15. J&B Rare 1000ml Ksh2250
  16. J&B Rare 750ml Ksh1900
  17. J&B Rare 375ml Ksh1050
  18. Baileys Irish Cream 750ml Ksh2150
  19. Baileys Irish Cream 375ml Ksh1170
  20. Baileys Irish Cream 200ml Ksh780
  21. Ketel One Vodka 750ml Ksh2400
  22. Bulleit Bourbon 700ml Ksh3500
  23. Talisker(10Y) 350ml Ksh5000
  24. Tanqueray(10YR) 250ml Ksh3400

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kenya wines and spirits prices

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