2018 KCSE Results New Grading System released online

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The 2018 KCSE exams whose results are set to be out by 20th December, will be announced during December holiday will use the following grading system.

Subject                Mark                              Grade

Mathematics        70%                                  A

Chemistry            65%                                  A

Physics                 60%                                  A

Biology                80%                                  A

Agriculture           88%                                 A

Business               86%                                  A

History                  80%                                 A

Geography            76%                                  A

English                  80%                                  A

Kiswahili               78%                                  A

CRE                        90%                                 A


kcse 2018 grading system

kcse grading system 2018 per subject

kcse grading system per subject

kcse grading system 2017 per subject

kcse 2018 leakage

kcse 2018 leakage biology

kcse 2018 timetable

biology performance kcse 2017

The mean grade for absent candidates will be X while Y will be for those who will have some subjects canceled. If the entry requirements for KCSE exams were not met, the grade will be U while mean grade will be W if the exam results are withheld.

Upon the release of KCSE examinations, results will be accessed through the SMS number that will be provided during the official release of results.

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