10 Best Question & Answer Software to Build your Q&A Website 2021

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Question2Answer - Free Open Source Q&A Software for PHP



Annova is a fantastic Knowledge Sharing System using which you can create knowledge sharing website such as Yahoo answers. It is a perfect platform for asking questions and answering online. It is unique in the sense that it also allows you to load audio and video answers. It can be easily customized and is quick to set up. Annova provides an easy-to-use Admin Panel with which you can control your site without requiring any kind of technical knowledge.


Phpancake is another superb question and answers system. Phpancake is an open source platform and has been built on the lines of Stackoverflow and Digg. Here, the validity of the questions and answers can be determined. Users Community can moderate the validity of the questions and their answers through a voting system.

PHP Questions & Answers Script

As it name signifies, PHP Questions & Answers Script is a PHP Script which can used to have a question and answers website. It allows you to create categories where users can post their questions. You can also add, delete, or edit categories. It has an Administration Panel with which you can control the features and functionalities of your question and answer website. You can mark a question as solved or unsolved and so Pagination, as well. It is search engine optimized and supports lots of other features too.

 Answer Question Script

Using Answer Question Script you can create your own question answer website. It is a PHP based knowledge sharing system and is highly reliable, secure, powerful, and flexible too. AQS (Answer Question Script) supports an advanced multi language system. You can add an unlimited number of categories and sub-categories to it.


AnswerHub brings to you one of the most vibrant, open source, free Question and Answer Software Solution. OSQA is reliable and easy to handle Q&A Software for websites which have limited needs. OSQA has been written in Python and is empowered by the Django Application Framework. It supports email lists and online chat channel, as well.


Question2Answer is another fabulous open source question and answer software solution. Moreover, it comes as a free Question & Answer Platform. Using Question2Answer you can build a great Question and Answer website so that your online community can ask questions and get the answers they are searching for easily and readily. Other than asking questions, users can comment, vote, notify, give points and provide rankings, as well. It is easy to install and handle and is fast, reliable, and secure.

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LampCMS is another very useful open source Question and Answers web software solution. LampCMS is tag-based and also supports for categories and sub-categories, as well. In many aspects, it resembles Forum Software like “Sticky Threads” and “Dot Folders” and has many features similar to Quora and StackOverflow. LampCMS has been written in PHP and is integrated with sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Tumblr, etc.

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