10 simple steps on How to Register a Company in Kenya 2017

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Business in Kenya is not as complicated as it was previously.


1  Name search
 You write a letter to the registrar to reserve your desired name. The name may be accepted or rejected based on a similarly named business or offending the rules on name reservation. This part takes two days. If accepted the registrar will reserve the name for 30 days.
Prepare Memorandum and Article of Association and Statement of Nominal Capital
 These documents describe the objectives, rules, subscribers and authorised share capital of your company. They are prepared by an advocate.
3. Pay Stamp Duty
 The amount of money that you pay depends on your declared nominal capital, but the minimum is KES. 2,140 based on the minimum nominal capital of KES. 2,000.
4. Situation of Office Form 201
 Fill this form that notes the registered office address of the company, and to be signed by one director or the company secretary
5. List of Directors Form 203
 Fill this form that lists the directors and secretary of the company. This is stamped by the company secretary
6. Declaration of Compliance Form 208
 Get a commissioner of oath must sign this form on your behalf.
7.File Documents at Registrars office
 You then need to file your documents at Companies Registry and pay the registration fee. This includes your memorandum and articles of association. There is a varied fee attached to this. You should receive a certificate of incorporation after a period of about 21 days
8. Get your Company Seal
This is a device that embosses your company name on documents and is used as a signature of the company.It can be purchased from a stationer.
9. Statutory Requirements
  • Register for a Personal Identity Number, Value Added Tax & Pay-As-You-Earn with the Kenya Revenue Authority.
  • Register for the National Hospital Insurance Fund. This is mandatory medical contribution for your employees.
  • Register for the National Social Security Fund. It is mandatory to contribute to your employees retirement fund.
  • Register for a Business Premises Licence. This application is made to the local county office. You will need a premises prior to submitting this application.
10. We can Help you  throughout this process for a fee.
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