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TSC Job Vacancies and Recruitment - REPLACEMENT OF 832 PRIMARY SCHOOL and 218 for secondary schools

Posted on 14th Mar 2019 16:12:12 in Latest Jobs

TSC Job Vacancies The Teachers Service Commission, TSC, has advertised 1,050 posts to replace teachers who exited service through Natural attrition in the

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Posted on 1st Feb 2019 06:07:57 in Teachers Service Commission Latest News, Latest Jobs

The Teachers Service Commission is advertising 5,000 posts (TSC jobs) for recruitment of Secondary School teachers to address the 100% transition from Prim

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TSC to recruit 1,197 teachers as Knut prepares for strike 2019

Posted on 21st Dec 2018 13:44:07 in Latest Jobs

As the January 2, 2019 teachers’ strike looms large, their employer says it is hiring. The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) on Thursday said it was

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Kirinyaga University latest jobs

Posted on 19th Nov 2018 05:49:56 in Latest Jobs

Vacancies  Kirinyaga University Job Vacancies; Kenya jobs and vacancies at Kirinyaga University in Kenya Kirinyaga University is government owned an

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List of Best recruitment agencies in Kenya 2018 - Genuine jobs

Posted on 15th Nov 2018 15:53:31 in Latest Jobs

  Recruitment Agencies in Kenya act as a bridge between potential employers and the candidates. Companies use a recruitment agency to help i

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Entry requirements for Secondary School Teachers in Kenya - D+

Posted on 15th Nov 2018 15:06:05 in Latest Jobs

The most common way to become a secondary school teacher is to do pursue an undergraduate degree in education in any of the universities in Kenya. Teachin

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TSC teaching jobs in kenya

Posted on 15th Nov 2018 15:02:20 in Latest Jobs

Secondary school teaching jobs in Kenya - The Star Classifieds

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